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                        That's what I heard...

Your source for the facts about any rumors that you may have heard around town. We are also happy to address any other hot topics.  Submit your question or a rumor you want the facts about below (anonymously of course).
              **All questions and answers are posted at the bottom of this page so please scroll down for posts**

Tell us what you're hearing?

Please submit any questions, concerns and/or rumors you have heard. The appropriate town official, appointee or employee will provide the facts on the website. *The Town reserves the right to not post questions deemed inappropriate. *This form is meant to be anonymous. It has come to our attention that submissions could be tracked to an IP address. It is not a concern of the Town to know who submits a questions just that is has been submitted and answered. If you don't feel comfortable with the online form please mail your question(s) to the Town of Cedar Fort, PO Box 389, Cedar Fort Utah 84013. Do not leave a return address.
Question: Several questions have been submitted.  They are being processed and answers will uploaded soon.  Thank you for your participation.