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Welcome to our Town!

Cedar Fort is an incorporated town in Utah County, Utah, United States. It is part of the Provo–Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 368 at the 2010 census according to the United States Census Bureau.  The town has a total area of 21.2 square miles (55.0 km2).
Cedar Fort is part of the Alpine School District. The only school in town is Cedar Valley Elementary. Older students attend schools in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.
                                                Fireworks Ban June 2021 Ending November 2021
The Town of Cedar Fort has enacted an ordinance – and provisions of the ordinance are EFFECTIVE: 18 JUNE 2021 – ending 30 NOVEMBER 2021.
No fireworks will be allowed in the Town. Due to current and forecasted weather conditions coupled with the extremely dry vegetation conditions in Utah, it has been determined that measures must be taken to prevent the ignition of forest and rangeland fires.
It is unlawful for any person to:
1.Discharge any fireworks or firearms within the Town limits . Due to extremely hazardous fire conditions in the Town, the discharge of ANY AND ALL fireworks including class C common fireworks is prohibited in the ALL areas of the Town.
2. Smoke outside an enclosed vehicle or building except where there is clear ground for three feet.
3. Have an open fire except a campfire in an improved location at a house.
Violation of this ordinance shall be a class B misdemeanor and/or $750.00 FINE. Any fire resulting from a violation of this ordinance shall be held financially liable for all costs and damages. Please keep our Town safe! Chief Breton & Town Council
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Disclaimer:  Reasonable efforts are made to ensure the information contained herein is accurate.  The Town of Cedar Fort assumes no liability for reliance on the information container herein.  Please contact the Town of Cedar Fort if you have any specific questions.